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Welcome To Our Services

General Info for all our Movies Collection Packages.

Here is what to expect from all our packages...

Talented Videographers

Each package includes 1 or 2 skilled videographers dedicated to preserving your special day. You can add a 2nd videographer even to single packages. 

Netflix Approved Equipment

Our main camera and equipment are Netflix approved, guaranteeing top-notch quality for your cinematic experience.

High-end Drone Footage

Elevate your film with breathtaking aerial views—included in all packages (subject to availability and weather conditions).

Personalised Consultation

Prior to your wedding, enjoy a video consultation where we delve into the details, ensuring every nuance and custom element is considered.

Candid Magic

We rarely ask couples to pose; instead, we excel at capturing the genuine, candid moments that make your story uniquely yours.

Flexible Packages

Whether you choose our Essential Elegance or explore custom options, we aim to make our movie packages accessible to all couples.

Tailored to You

Adds-on, downsizing or customising? We're happy to accommodate.

Our Movie Collections Packages cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences.

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For availability & to receive our Movie Collections Packages.

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